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The crew of Renata consists of us two, Antti Helin and Reko Niemelä. Antti, 32, is a teacher from Kilo Comprehensive School in Espoo, Finland, and Reko, 27, is a teacher from Etu-Töölö Comprehensive School in Helsinki, Finland. We both are on sabbatical to sail around the world. We had been developing the idea of our sailing journey for some years already, when finally, in summer of 1996, we found the right kind of boat to sail the oceans, and at an affordable price, too. Also, the sabbatical enabled us to take the time off with some means of living.Why did we set off sailing? We have both been sailing for a few years on a smaller boat, and we have taken navigation courses, but crossing oceans is new for us. Are we trying to find our personal limits, or do we look for adventures? Perhaps both.
However, our primary goal is to travel around the world, and we feel that a sailing boat is an excellent vehicle for it. Our home travels with us. We are not competing, and we try to avoid unnecessary risks. We have planned our route along well proven stages, and timed them so that we get the maximum help from winds and oceanic currents. Take a look at our route plan. Our boat has been designed to provide optimum safety and habitability along with good sailing properties. Even though we have tried to make our journey into a well managed adventure, we are sure we will encounter problems at some stage. Why don't you join us in s/y Renata, and share our experiences and incidents. We would like you to sail with us — for better or for worse — and to dive with us into the deep blues. 

We update our home pages weekly. Be sure to also see the digital photo of the week. We believe that you will be surprised to find out about all the things that can happen to two open-minded young men who are not afraid to experiment on new ideas. You can also follow our journey by listening to Radio Nova, whom we contact once a week.(Radio Nova frequences.)