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Tällä sivulla purjehtijat vastaavat heille lähetettyihin kysymyksiin. 

Kysymyksiä voi lähettää osoitteeseen: renata@edu.hel.fi 


Kysymyksiä Kyrksjön koulusta Ruotsista, vastaajana Reko:

1. How do you make your food when there are big, big waves?
-We have balanced stove which stays horizontally. And if the weather is really bad we have to use safety lines which tie us by the stove.
2.Have you got all the food you need on the trip with you or do you stop in the countries and buy the food?
-No we do not have tanker.When we started to cross Atlantic we had food for six weeks. the crossing took us about 3 weeks.
3.What do you eat?
-Mainly we have been eating pasta in all forms. Tuna and tomatos usually make the sauce. When we  are in the harbour we usually eat in a restaurant. Of course we could eat allmost "home-cooked".
4.Do you take the water with you or do you take it from the water and boil it?
-No, seawater is too salty. Boiling it won't take the salt off. So we have to take fresh water with us. We have a tank for 200 litres and we will also take an extra 200 litres in smaller containers.
5.How do you wash the plates?
-We use saltwater, also we might ise fresh water to rinse plates, but it is not necessary.
6.Do you eat any vitamines so you won't get ill?
-Yes, we have mulrivitamin pills, and we have not been really ill. I got cold in Las palmas, but it went by very fast.
7.Do you only drink water?
-no, we have all kinds of beverages. Mainly fresh water.
8.What's your favourite food?
-I don't have just one favourite food. Sanna's favourite food is bread and cheese. I don't know about Antti. But we do like pasta and we've been eating it a lot.
9.How old is Rekos girlfriend?
-Sanna is 32, but she acts like 17.
10.Can we get a photo of her?
-yes, we will put a picture of her to our homepage in to the picture gallery.
11.Has your girlfriend a job?
-Yes, she's also a teacher. She has been teaching english, and that's her speciality.
12.What's your girlfriend's name?
-Her name is Sanna Friman.
13.What is she doing on Renata?
-She is doing one third of everything, steering, staying awake during nights, navigating, cooking, cleaning and she has working with computers a lot.
14.How many articles of dress do you bring?
-Me and Antti have normal clothing, couple of trousers, some warm pullovers and long shirts. Then we have about 15 pairs of socks and about same amount of underwear and T-shirts. Then we have Helly Hansen sailing outfits.They are very good, because they are warm and waterproof.
15.What clothes do you wear?
-Now it is so warm that we have been mainly wearing shorts and T-shirts.When we are sailing and it gets cold we wear our sailing outfits.
16.How do you wash clothes?
-Many harbours have washing machines and we use them quite often. Salt water is not good for washing clothes.

Now Antti Answers the to the next questions.

17.Which clothes do you use in different weathers?
-When we came from finland in August it was quite cold and we wore our sailing clothes. After Bay of Biscay it has been warmer, so Shorts and T-shirt is often enough. But of course if it's raining or cold we wear our sailing clothes on.
18.If you wash in the sea do you use soap then?
-Usual soap doesn't melt in the sea, so it's not possible to to use that for washing.
19.How did you get all the money to finance the trip?
-I sold my apartment in Helsinki and bought a smaller one farther from the city. Now the apartment is rented and I still have my loan left when I come to Finland.Reko sold his car and rented his apartment.
20.If you worked, which job?
-We are both teachers. I have been teaching woodcraft, gymnastics and biology for smaller children. Reko is a special class teacher to children between ages thirteen and sixteen.
21.How much did your boat cost?
-About 500 000 Swedish kronor.
22.Do you get a lot of waste?
-Not so much, but we sailed across the Atlantic it was a problem.
23.What do you do with the trash?
-So far we have been able to use trash cans in the harbours, but when we are sailing for longer times it is impossible to have all the trash onboard. Naturally  we bring all problem waste to harbours.
24.Do you have any toilet?
25.What do you do on the boat?
26.what do you do on your sparetime?
-We study, read books, fish, play computer games, make homepages, we also give radio reports to a finnish radiostation once a week.
27.Do you fish from the boat?
-We are trying to but this so far the results haven't been so good.
28.(If you do that) Is it fun?
29.Have you had nice weather during your trip so far?
-In the beginning , in the Balticsea it was warm.When we were in England it rained a lot. But after that the weather has been nice.
30.What do you do if the weather gets stormy?
-We reef the sails smaller and feel sick.
31.have you got life-preservers?
32.Are you sleeping with them on?
-No, but always when we are working on the deck we are wearing them.
33.Is it dangerous to be onboard when the weather changes?
-It is not dangerous if you know what to do and are prepared for the change.
34.How do you sleep?
-Very well thank you, but sometimes it is little rocky.